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Welcome to Star Wars Awakens; the Star Wars community of the Benelux!

Star Wars Awakens is the largest and most visited unofficial Star Wars website in the Benelux.

Through our website and social media channels our followers stay informed of our extensive Star Wars content:

* The largest collection self-taken and thus exclusive interviews with Star Wars cast and crew members worldwide (!).

* Many diverse articles among which reviews of the books / films / games / products, columns, reports of (press) events and trailer analyzes.

* On us forum and in our Facebook group Star Wars fans can talk to each other about everything about Star Wars (and beyond).

* And of course we also publish the latter Star Wars news! We are proud of the fact that we are the most important Star Wars website in the Benelux.

Since 2016 we have a sister site on which all our aforementioned exclusive interviews with cast and crew are shown: Star Wars Interviews. All interviews have been conducted by our own Dennis, who has more than 170 unique interviews to his name.

It is a special time to be a Star Wars fan and to experience this renaissance of a franchise - which has finally become trending again in recent years. Star Wars has awakened, also in the Netherlands and Belgium!

Welcome to Star Wars Awakens. And ofcourse, May the Force be with you. Always.

The crew of Star Wars Awakens



Founder and Chief Editor
About Ramon

Founder of Star Wars Awakens.



Owner of the cat that defeated Lando Calrissian physical miniature combat.

Plays like X-Wing (is not that good at it yet)

and loves pesto.



Interviewer and Editor
About Dennis

Fan since 1983. George Lucas cultist and supporter of Legends (1976-2012).

Founder of for which he interviewed 170 + cast and crew members.

Born when the recordings of A New Hope started.

Former assistant of Anthony Daniels.

Collector of Star Wars books, Star Wars LEGO (OT) and Imperial Assault.

Father of 2 Padawans.



Book Reviewer and Editor
About Roel

Lifetime Fan.

Reads a lot of books and comics.

Makes replica props in his spare time.



Film critic and editor
About Wesley

Aka BoxerlessBossk

Ten years ago he was a huge nerd with far too strong opinions about Star Wars and comics.

Now he is a huge nerd with far too strong opinions about Star Wars and comics who sometimes post messages about Star Wars on your favorite website!



Columnist and Editor

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