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'Five ways to save Star Wars'

'Five ways to save Star Wars'. That was the headline of an article on I could not resist clicking and seeing what these film critics had to say about the films. Then could... Read more

The Future of the Star Wars

One of our most involved forum members and regular visitor to the site, Marko, wanted to share his opinion in the form of a short column about the future of Star Wars with our followers. Do you want something too... Read more

The Art of Tsuyoshi Nagano

During the last 40 years there have been countless illustrators who have been involved with Star Wars. From poster to book cover to promotional material. The majority (which I also belong to) will be the legend... Read more

The First (Watching) Order

With the addition of Solo: A Star Wars Story to the saga, an old discussion arises: What is the right sequence to watch all the films? I continue to find it interesting to see how people ande... Read more