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Boris Johnson: "George Lucas wants to make Obi-Wan film in Northern Ireland"



A very remarkable report from a very unexpected corner: Boris Johnson (former mayor of London and former minister of Foreign Affairs in Great Britain) spoke at a speech in Belfast (Northern Ireland) about the British film industry and said the following:

"Which was the biggest grossing movie last year? Star Wars, and where does George Lucas propose to follow up about Obi-Wan Kenobi? Northern Ireland. "

There have been rumors about a Kenobi movie for some time and George Lucas has already been spotted on the set of Solo en The Mandalorian. Will "The Maker" really go back? Or is Boris Johnson next to it?

As Yoda said so beautifully: "Impossible to see, the future is".

Author of the 'Star Wars Interviews' series of books for which he interviewed 175 + cast and crew members. In the credits of the books The Making of Return of the Jedi, Stormtroopers: Beyond the Armor, The Star Wars Historical Sourcebook and Star Wars Icons: Han Solo. Born when the recordings of A New Hope started. George Lucas cultist and supporter of Legends (1976-2012). Former assistant of Anthony Daniels. Father of 2 Padawans.

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Cassian Andor

Showrunner of The Americans in the picture for Cassian Andor live-action TV series




Cassian Andor

In a conference call with shareholders, Bob recently announced Iger that Rogue One star Diego Luna back in the role of Cassian Andor creeps for his own live-action TV series, the second that Disney wants to launch on Disney + next to The Mandalorian.

Today reports Deadline dat Stephen schiff, mainly known as executive producer of The Americans, Disney has approached to provide the Rogue One prequel series with breath as a show runner and executive producer. The Americans received rave reviews worldwide and is through multiple half in 2014 proclaimed as one of the best TV series of that year. Meanwhile, the series has already come to an end after six seasons, with the final episode alone winning two Primetime Emmy Awards.

It looks like Disney takes their own TV series very seriously and is not afraid to hire proven names on other projects for original new series. We have known that for a long time Benioff and Weiss will work on their own Star Wars film series after they have completed their work for it Game of Thrones - have completed one of the most popular TV series of the moment.

By the way, Schiff is not the only one from his work for The Americans made the switch to a galaxy far, far away ... Actress Keri Russell played one of the leading roles in that series and is currently busy with filming for Episode IX.

The live-action TV series centered on Cassian Andor will go into production in 2019 and follow the adventures of Cassian in the early years of the Rebel Alliance. When this spy thriller will be on Disney + has not been announced yet; in the meantime, we can already look forward to Disney's first live-action Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian, which is planned for the end of 2019 (in the US).

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The Mandalorian

New castor air The Mandalorian




After the messages that Pedro Pascal en Gina Carano - although still unconfirmed - would be part of the upcoming The Mandalorian live-action TV series, in recent weeks new rumors have surfaced about various actor veterans.

The Hollywood Reporter reports today Nick Nolte (The Prince of Tides, Affliction, Warrior) will at least play a role in the series.

Besides this famous actor there have also been rumors in recent times omtrent Carl Weathers (best known as Apollo Creed in the Rocky films).

Finally, has Werner Herzog (who is mainly known as a revolutionary director) indicated that he is associated with a project that bears the name 'Huckleberry' and is been able to unravel that this is the code name of The Mandalorian. They also dare to claim that Herzog will not make his entrance as a director within the Star Wars franchise, but as actually member of the cast.

Unfortunately, no actor has been confirmed yet The Mandalorian. One of the few things we know for sure is that the series will be written by Jon Favreau and that in the first season Dave Filoni, Taika Waititi, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rick Famuyiwa and Deborah Chow will act as directors. The series will debut on the upcoming Disney + streaming service (at the end of 2019 in the US). Nothing has officially been announced yet about a release of Disney + in the Benelux.

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Television series

New series: Galaxy of Adventures




Star Wars animation is busy. This year we have already been able to enjoy Resistance, Forces of Destiny with LEGO All-Stars. Next year will also be fan favorite The Clone Wars back. And the day after tomorrow there will be another descendant with the family: Galaxy or Adventures! This series of short films will be on the new from 30 November Star Wars Kids Youtube channel can be seen.

In the announcement article on tells Lucasfilm's James Waugh why they chose to make this series:

At its core, the series is celebratory of Star Wars. Star Wars continues to evolve and grow over the years but it is always anchored in those original films that started it all. Galaxy or Adventures is a fresh way to introduce an entirely new and younger generation to those concepts, characters, and themes. The new series aims to give children the first kernels of the story.

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Overview Star Wars LEGO 2019 sets




In January 2019 the new Star Wars LEGO sets will be in stores again.

For the winter waves it is customary that there are several microfighters and for the first time Star Wars sets will appear in the LEGO Juniors line.

Below the complete list of the provisional American prices.

75223 - [Naboo Starfighter] • $ 10 US

75224 - [Sith Infiltrator] • $ 10 US

75225 - [Elite Praetorian Guards Battle Pack] • $ 15 US

75226 - [Inferno Squad Battle Pack] • $ 15 US

75228 - [Escape Pod vs. Dewback Microfighters] • $ 20 US

75229 - [Death Star Escape] • $ 30 US

75233 - [Droid Gunship] • $ 50 US

75234 - [AT-AP] • $ 60 US

75235 - [Juniors ™ X-Wing Starfighter] • $ 30 US

75237 - [Juniors ™ TIE Fighter] • $ 20 US

75247 - [Juniors ™ A-Wing Starfighter] • $ 15 US

In April, the following sets will be on the shelves of specialty stores and toy shops:

75238 - [Small Playset 1] • $ 30 US
75239 - [Small Playset 2] • $ 30 US
75240 - [May the Fourth Villain Ship] • $ 70 US
75241 - [Large Playset] • $ 60 US
75242 - [Hero Ship] • $ 50 US
75243 - [Slave I] • $ 120 US
75244 - [1HY UCS] •> $ 120 US (larger box than 75243)
75252 - [2HY UCS] • $ ??? US
75258 - [20th Anniversary PR (Public Release)] • $ 30 US
75259 - [20th Anniversary Exclusive] (Walmart) • $ 40 US
75260 - [20th Anniversary Exclusive] (Target) • $ ?? US
75261 - [20th Anniversary Exclusive] (Walmart) • $ 30 US
75262 - [20th Anniversary Exclusive] (Walmart) • $ 20 US
30383 - [Naboo Starfighter] • $ 4 US
30384 - [Snowspeeder] • $ 4 US
30461 - [Anakin's Podracer] • $ 4 US

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