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Exhibitions, Conventions and events

As the editors sometimes ask questions about meeting Star Wars actors (or obtaining a signature) and events, we have put a list of them. On this page you will find all upcoming exhibitions, conventions and events in the Benelux and also other important Star Wars days!

Fairs, Conventions, Events and other important days in 2018


2020 and beyond

Author of the 'Star Wars Interviews' series of books for which he interviewed 175 + cast and crew members. In the credits of the books The Making of Return of the Jedi, Stormtroopers: Beyond the Armor, The Star Wars Historical Sourcebook and Star Wars Icons: Han Solo. Born when the recordings of A New Hope started. George Lucas cultist and supporter of Legends (1976-2012). Former assistant of Anthony Daniels. Father of 2 Padawans.

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Welcome to Star Wars Awakens 2.0

There has been an awakening ... have you felt it?





In the autumn of 2015 this community went - when there was only one at the very beginning forum existed - from start, in the run up to The Force Awakens. Almost three years later it is time for a new beginning. With important improvements both before and behind the scenes.

I am now happy and proud to say that Star Wars Awakens - thanks to our diverse, exclusive content and the many people who decided to follow us on social media - has grown to the largest unofficial Star Wars website in the Benelux. Of course, that content does not appear automatically and I would like to express my gratitude to the crew at this location.

Crew, thanks!

Dennis' exclusive interviews (did you know ours sister website and we have the largest collection of exclusive Star Wars interviews worldwide have?) and are many messages for the site, Wesley's punctual messages (sometimes on unchristian times!) and (film) reviews, Roel's work as a book reviewer, 3D builder and the many help with building this new website. Thomas, our columnist, who with his journalistic background likes to write about Star Wars from new perspectives. But of course gamefreak Calvin (for providing help when nobody else did that) and our former columnist Bas, who is already busy enough with his own website and other activities. Both are no longer with Star Wars Awakens involved, but I'm sure they will follow us closely!

Star Wars Awakens 2.0

The website is completely renewed as you can see. Important spearheads of the new website are speed, responsiveness and functionality. That sounds without extra context as three meaningless concepts. I will save you the technical story; most of you will soon see what has changed by looking around very well at our frontpage and what the pages of our (news) messages and different product-specific reviews look like. By also using the brand new and very smooth sidebar you will now find even faster the messages you are looking for and the site loads because of its no-nonsense packaging many times faster than before on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Dreams that came out

When I started this website three years ago, it was my intention to bring together as many Dutch-speaking Star Wars fans as possible and to put this region together with them on the international map, compared to the major international communities that were already there. However, I received more than that; I got to know a lot of new people and soon made new friends. With the help of Dennis we quickly succeeded in getting big names like Billy Dee Williams en Vanessa Marshall for an exclusive interview, but it was generally the less well-known people who provided the most amusing interviews (such as this from Mark Alec Rutter, who played a Stormtrooper in The Force Awakens).

We gradually got more and more name recognition and were approached by companies, were allowed to be present at closed (press) events, won one (for us) very prestigious Star Wars quiz, are now regular guest with their own stand on Dutch biggest (and most fun!) Comic Con, we have multiple characters en involved face-to-face may interview and were present at the red carpet premieres of the latest Star Wars films. In short, for a fan they were multiple dreams that became reality.

Thank you very much for that!

We will continue to do our best to provide you with your daily Star Wars needs and with our unique content I am confident that we will continue to do so.

A call - and a request

It is time to look again for the connection with each other and the shared love we have for this franchise. That connection among fans has been one of the main reasons for the creation of this website!

Star Wars is taller than ever, but the fanbase is currently also more divided than ever. Being critical is obviously nothing wrong with that, but negativity is something else. There is a thin line there which, in my opinion, is regularly exceeded by fierceness (to personal attacks) in combination with a high frequency of (same) criticism: repetition.

That goes on some websites or forums such as Reddit in some cases even so far that a certain group of fans feel called to structurally negative reactions irrelevant to the (news) message in question. As fans please let us ensure that we do not cross the border at both fierceness and frequency, then I know for sure that there are more than enough Star Wars fans who would like to have a conversation with us in a healthy way.

I would like to conclude with the request if you want to follow us on all our social media channels and become a member of us forum and ours Facebook group (where interesting, intense discussions were held in the past few days!).

So: follow us Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and talk in the Lowlands Cantina, the Star Wars Facebook group for Dutch-speaking fans!

Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you here! Or are you still hanging around to look around? ūüôā

Anyway: may the Force be with you! Also on behalf of the crew,


Founder and editor-in-chief of Star Wars Awakens

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Photo impression Solo red carpet premiere





On Tuesday evening 22 in May, the evening before Solo: A Star Wars Story In the cinema, Disney NL organized a red carpet premiere for media and guests at the Pathé CineMec in Utrecht. Some lucky (and lesser known) Dutch people were one of the first to see the new film!

Where in December 'big' was unpacked at a similar event for The Last Jedi, here was only a red carpet and a stall for a drink. After the film, there was no after party after December; the foyer of the cinema was empty and everyone went home almost immediately after the film. Of course I did ask about the reactions of a few visitors and in fact everyone agreed: Solo is a very successful adventure movie! One of the guests present even said that Solo is going to surprise and be a financial success (unfortunately I do not know who, as by far the most guests I do not know them personally from TV / radio / internet etc.). Meanwhile we unfortunately know that the film has not become the success that Disney and Lucasfilm hoped for: Solo has raised only $ 210 million worldwide at the time of writing and is estimated to have raised around $ 450 million to break even. Not exactly what you expect to say from one Star Wars film, but financially the film seems to be a disappointment.

The evening itself was a pleasant experience, well organized and the atmosphere was - thanks to the presence of the Dutch Garrison - great. Also, thanks to a friendly employee, I could even see the film earlier than I expected, which was a very pleasant surprise. I already had tickets for three performances in the first week, but closing an evening like this with watching the latest Star Wars film remains one of the most beautiful things out there!

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Star Wars Identities opens in Brussels




After the Dutch could enjoy it for half a year, it finally happened. The expo Star Wars Identities opened its doors in Brussels today. Starting today, more than 200 original props, models, costumes and illustrations from the Star Wars to watch films at the Brussels Expo.

Your loyal Star Wars Awakens reporters have already visited the exhibition in the Netherlands. See in us article about the opening in Utrecht what we thought of Identities. Or read Dennis' exclusive interview with two of the hard working ladies behind the expo, Laela French (Director of Archives of the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum) and Sophie Desbiens (Communications & Museum Relations Director of X3Productions).

Star Wars Identities

The original Boba Fett costume, once worn by Jeremy Bulloch.

C3-PO's costume from A New Hope.

Star Wars Identities

Luke Skywalker's X-Wing costume.

Anakin Skywalker's costume.

STAR WARS Identities: The Exhibition

Location: Brussels Expo (Palais 2, Brussels)

Date: From 4 April 2018 to 4 September 2018

Tickets: ‚ā¨ 21,90 for adults, ‚ā¨ 15,90 for children

Tickets are now on sale via Ticketmaster. Or go to more information and tickets

Audio tour and the RFID wristband are included with the ticket and are handed out before entering the exhibition. We work with entrance tickets with time slots, the last access is half an hour before closing time.

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Star Wars Awakens goes to Heroes Dutch Comic Con 2018




We proudly announce that Star Wars Awakens - after earlier to have been at the last winter edition of Dutch Comic Con - also this month of the party is when Heroes Dutch Comic Con takes place at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on 31 March and 1 April.

It is the second time that we are at the nation's most extensive and most enjoyable convention. Heroes Dutch Comic Con, as Dutch Comic Con is now called, will be the largest Comic Con ever with no less than six halls of entertainment. In the Star Wars corner you will find us among the Dutch branch of the 501st; Dutch Garrison and Star Wars fan film of Dutch origin: Remnants of the Order.

What can you do at the Star Wars Awakens stand?

BB-8 will be happy to take a picture with his fans. NB: No signatures and please do not try to stop any coins in him!

The lifelike BB-8 of our own Roel is of the party, so there is always enough opportunity for beautiful snaps with perhaps the most popular character of the new films!

Ramon tries Jedi Challenges for the first time at Lenovo.

Jedi Challenges

As you probably know, there is currently one contest going on our Facebookpagina for the augmented reality game Jedi Challenges. Not won or would you like to try it? Which can! At our booth we can let you experience what it is like to be a Jedi Knight, but it is recommended to install the free Jedi Challenges app on your phone. Here you will find Jedi Challenges Android and for iOS. If you do not do this we can not guarantee that you will get the chance to experience this special game, but do not worry!

Watch and play the brand new board game Star Wars: Legion at our booth at Heroes Dutch Comic Con 2018!

Star Wars: Legion

Playable for the first time on a Comic Con: Star Wars: Legion! There will be professional demo players to introduce the game to you and to get you started on a beautiful table with scenery and painted thumbnails. The Star Wars variant of Warhammer, as this game is considered, is officially available from 22 March.


What are you waiting for? Come to the best Comic Con in the Netherlands and visit the booth of the largest unofficial Star Wars website in the Benelux! Tickets are available here.

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