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Review: Star Wars X-Wing



In 2012 the world was shaken by what is now one of the most popular table top games: X-Wing. This popularity is due to the combination of a simple basis, surprising depth, and of course the cool factor of flying with ships from the Star Wars universe.

Six years and almost fifty expansions further, the game makers of Fantasy Flight Games thought it was time for a new edition, which 13 September appears.
Is Second Edition worth the effort and the money? The answer is yes in almost all cases; however, the reasoning will be different for everyone. That's why we divide this review into sections for two specific target groups.

New players

X-Wing is in essence an imitation of the space battles that we know from the films. Two players choose a number of iconic ships such as X-Wings, TIE Fighters and the Millennium Falcon and try to eliminate the other. Movements are selected per round at the same time and shooting is only possible if you have an opponent right in the eye. Moving and shooting feels intuitively because of this. Because you also have to think about what your opponent is doing, making the right choice is not always easy.

Before you can storm the table with ships, first make your fleet out of a countless selection of ships, pilots and upgrades. This can be done online or in the upcoming free app. A squad consists of 200 points, and all cards have their own value. This allows the skills of each ship to vary considerably, which keeps the game fresh. Are you flying Luke's X-Wing and Han's Millennium Falcon? Or eight greens in TIE Fighters? Both possibilities, and everything in between, play very differently. No two pots therefore need to be the same.
Thanks to the app mentioned, all point values ​​are digital. This makes it easy to balance the game in the event that a certain ship is too strong.
Does this all sound complicated? It does not matter, each extension comes with a number of standard load-outs that allow you to get started without a puzzle.

So what do you need to play? First, the Core Set. This set contains dice, movement templates, upgrade cards, Luke Skywalker's X-Wing and two TIEs. These form the basis for a rebel and Imperial fleet, which you can fill with more X-Wings, Y-Wings, U-Wings and different types of TIEs. The first edition of X-Wing offered the choice of nearly fifty different ship models that will be re-released in rapid succession. So be assured that your favorite ship will also be playable in the foreseeable future.

X-Wing 1.0 owners

I can hear you thinking. Nice and nice of course, but why would you make that costly switch to the new edition? A new coat of paint and a few gameplay adjustments do not make it a whole new experience? And you are right: in essence it is the same game that you have been playing for years. But it is worthwhile to make the switch.

The most important thing is that the gameplay has actually been improved. Flying itself is important again. Away are turrets that can shoot every turn from every impossible angle. Away are the (most) upgrades with free dice mods that make actions irrelevant. And also control elements such as bombs, ionization and stress are contained.

Secondly, there is the story of balance. In the first edition we were happy to buy thirty euros of upgrades to make two boats relevant again. With a one-off investment in Second Edition conversion kits, however, almost all ships are worth flying again. And with the possibility (and intention) to adjust costs via the app, all options will be a lot closer in terms of quality. The theory is that from now on one will fly what he likes, not what is much better than the rest of the playing field.

Finally, there is the foundation for the future. With new actions and Force Powers, among other things, there is a basis for the next expansion to be built on. With, of course, the most important addition the new factions, the Republic and the Seperatists. These have been developed from the ground up for Second Edition. Do you want to be able to put these on the table? Then you will really have to make the switch.

Of course, if you are not a regular customer at the multiple tournaments in the Benelux, there is less of a hurry. The original game remains cool to play on the kitchen table. But the more expansions for Second Edition, the more essential the switch will be.

Playing is believing

For both camps applies: Playing is believing. Do you still doubt? Play it with a friend, or ask your local games store when it is played. Let yourself be persuaded and perhaps we will meet each other on the battlefield. May the best pilot win.

9 Score
13 September 2018Game release date
Exciting and in-depth gameplay
Beautiful pre-painted miniatures
Relatively low entry costs
Expensive hobby for completionists

Aka BoxerlessBossk Ten years ago he was a huge nerd with far too strong opinions about Star Wars and comics. Now he is a huge nerd with far too strong opinions about Star Wars and comics who sometimes post messages about Star Wars on your favorite website!

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Game reviews

Review: Star Wars Legion




8 Score
Star Wars LegionGametitel
22 March 2018Game release date
Visual and design technical it looks fantastic (what we are used to from Fantasy Flight Games)
There are many expansions that will make the game even more extensive. No pull in extensions? With only the basic set it is more than just fine to play.
It is more than a game; it is a complete hobby
The extensions are relatively expensive
To make the game look 'dressed up', a lot of time and money has to be invested in materials, painting the miniatures and making scenery
The game is not 'ready to move in' (all miniatures have to be glued)
Legion is the game that fans of Star Wars and wargames have waited so long for: extensive, beautiful and a hobby in itself. For the casual gamer, however, all this can be too much of a good thing as it is unpainted and without the beautiful scenery. Wargamers who love Star Wars can purchase it blindly; If you do not belong to this group, then it's a good idea to first play a demo or watch a Youtube video where this game is played.

Miniature games where armies compete against each other have been popular for decades. Two of the best known, Warhammer en Axis & Allies, have not lost popularity in the last 35 years. It is therefore strange that (despite attempts around 1990 and the beginning of this century) there is never a really good one Star Wars variant has appeared. Fortunately, there is the American games manufacturer Fantasy Flight Games that their Star Wars to pay honors. So they have a whole series Star Wars games on the market including the fans and critics praised very much X-Wing, Rebellion en Imperial Assault. Their latest creation is Star Wars Legion: the miniature wargame that fans have been waiting for for so long.

The game

Wednesday evening 7 March was the day: on behalf of StarWarsAwakens I was in Cinemec Utrecht (where also the exhibition Star Wars Identities was present at the launch of Star Wars Legion.

During this evening (where we were given a comprehensive game explanation, could play the game, could already see the announced expansions physically and were the first to open a box in the Benelux), we got to know this game better.

The 3 StarWarsAwakens crew members (Dennis (far left) with Ramon and his right hand Wesley) watch while game manager Pepijn explains the rules of Legion.

Legion briefly summarized: Two armies (rebels and imperials) compete against each other. An army consists of various types of miniatures: in a leader (in the basic set Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker), support (Speederbikes and an AT-RT), storm troopers and rebels, and a stormtrooper and rebel commander. You would say two armies are fighting, so the winner is the one who has completely defeated the other person. It is fortunately not that simple: in advance one gets a mission (for example, a transmission intercepted) with a map. If one succeeds during the game (which takes 6 rounds) then one wins, even though fewer miniatures are on the table.

More than a game

As can be seen on the photos (which are otherwise clickable for an enlargement) it is not played on a board with boxes. You move your miniatures through various flexible rulers. Where the game can obviously be played on an empty table, you can decorate it yourself by painting the miniatures and creating a diorama on which you play the game. Legion is really more than a game; it is a complete hobby. Do not be discouraged by the phenomenal creations that you encounter online; I speak from my own experience when I say that you paint with the right paint (I love the Citadel paints Games Workshop recommending)) has already come a long way and in modeling matters you can purchase ready-made items such as miniature trees and grass mats to decorate your diorama. There are many online tutorials find out how you can get the best results. This way you can play next to it hours days are sweet. No time to make a beautiful diorama? Then you can still be one of the separately available play mats to use something nice on the table simply and quickly!

The basic set and extensions

The basic set of Legion logically contains everything to play the game: 1 book with all the rules, 1 record with tokens, a number of miniatures (Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, an AT-RT, 2 Speederbikes, a number of rebels, 1 rebel leader, a swallow stormtroopers and 1 stormtrooper leader), a set of dice and various cards. Fantasy Flight Games is known for their great finish (both physically and visually) of their games and here again that is the case. The cards are beautiful and sturdy and the rulebook expanded, but it is now again the miniatures that steal the show. All figures must be assembled (with not supplied super glue) and if this happened there is a fantastic group of Star Wars miniatures for you. Sturdy, diverse and above all detailed. I can well imagine that dioramebouwers would purchase this game just for the figures.

As with most Fantasy Flight Games games there will be a lot of expansions to come: for Legion are the first expansions already ready and they will be available for some time so that the players can also make use of Read, Feathers, One AT-ST, snowtroopers and a snowspeeder. Each extension will also contain new maps in addition to one or more miniatures.


Have you become interested in this game and do you want to know more about the rules or even play them?

On Saturday 31 March and Sunday 1 April you can play the game on an official demo table (the exact one on the pictures in this article) at the stand of StarWarsAwakens on Dutch Comic Con in the Jaarbeurs of Utrecht!

Can not you come to Dutch Comic Con? No problem: the following issues will pay attention to Legion in the coming period and in some locations you can even play a demo:

Offline Gaming Zoetermeer / Outpost NV Antwerp / Demo-Game Leuven / Worlds' End Comics Ghent / Gameshop Mechelen Mechelen / Subcultures Utrecht / Purperen Dragon Groningen / Mint Card Collections Heerhugowaard / De Dobbelsteen Arnhem / Spellekijn Leeuwarden / De Spelgezel Ghent / Fred's Stripwinkel BVBA Aalst / Albion Kortrijk / The Dondersteen Hengelo / The Hobbelpaardje Roermond / Tabletop Kingdom The Hague

Star Wars Legion is available from 22 March in the better games stores (including the stores above but also online) for € 89,95. The extensions to be published later vary from € 14,95 to € 29,95.

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Review: Star Wars: Jedi Challenges




8 Score
Jedi ChallengesGametitel
November 3 2017Game release date
Very innovative!
A Star Wars dream that becomes reality.
The lightsaber hilt is not in your collection.
Your phone must be in the headset at all times and keep the app running if you want to play.
Uniformity: limited depth of gameplay content.
Jedi Challenges is a Star Wars dream that becomes reality for many fans. After all, this is the first product that attempts to get the fan to see through the eyes of a Jedi and to fight with the most iconic weapon in Hollywood. Like most first versions of a product, it also contains some flaws. Especially the fact that you have to sacrifice your own phone (battery) and that the game is relatively monotonous is a pity. Jedi Challenges is a phenomenal idea, has a nice execution and a replay value that could be better. Is that € 199 worth? If you are really a Star Wars fan and you have some money left ... yes!

At the end of 2017, thanks to Lenovo, a product came on the market that will appeal to the imagination of Star Wars fans of all ages: Jedi Challenges. Who does not dream of fighting with a lightsaber in their hand? villains like Kylo Ren, Darth Maul and Darth Vader? With this augmented reality set this dream has finally become a reality!


Do you want to win this innovative and unique Star Wars product that puts you in the shoes of a Jedi Knight, general of the Rebels or Holochess player? Then join our contest on Facebook!

The above video (must-see!) Will evoke the admiration of many Star Wars fans. At the same time, in those 56 seconds we see in a short time a complete overview of what you can expect from this special product. Jedi Challenges offers lightsaber battles, Holochess (a chess game based on figures Dejarik, the game some R2 and Chewbacca ever in the Millennium Falcon played against each other A New Hope) and called a tower defense game Strategic Combat. At the end of 2017 I already had the chance to test the product at Lenovo, but I'm glad I waited to publish a review. Where the set at the time for no less than € 299, - went over the counter, the recommended price has now dropped by one hundred euros to € 199, -. And in my opinion this was also necessary.

Augmented reality (AR) vs. Virtual reality (VR)

Jedi Challenges is an augmented reality game. Still, however, many people make the mistake of confusing AR with VR. With augmented reality extra layers are added to the already existing reality. In the case of Jedi Challenges you see through the glasses your own environment, the room in which you actually are. Then the game adds layers like characters and of course the actual ones Lightsaber that comes out of the hilt you hold. In virtual reality, however, you are completely immersed in an alternative reality and in principle nothing that you see is physically present.

What's in the box?

  • A Mirage AR headset.
  • Silver-chrome-colored lightsaber hilt (with blue light).
  • A tracking beacon (with purple or blue light).

So: get started! At least, first you will have to install the free application Jedi Challenges on your phone. This application is available on both Android and iOS and technically the whole game is within this app. You only need the above material to use and control this application.

The first impression

When opening the box you immediately feel Rey's / Anakin's / Luke's lightsaber staring at you in a moment that can easily remind you of the scene The Force Awakens at Takodana, where Rey found the lightsaber in a box. The lightsaber hilt looks fantastic and the first thing you notice when picking up is how light he really is. Although you might expect that from one and "light", tooknow In this case it is unfortunate that your 'controller' looks stunning, but nevertheless feels cheap by the plastic finish. On the other hand, this is also functional again, because in the precision work you need in the Holochess and Strategic Combat game you do not want to have a too heavy object in your hand.

That lightsaber, it belongs to me ...

Come get it! Before you can actually get started with the lightsaber combat, you will first have to prepare the glasses and the beacon for use. This takes some time and especially in the beginning it will be a mess for many people to especially connect your phone and the headset with one of the included cables. Lenovo has one video released that shows how to make the set ready for play. Also realize that you can no longer use the phone in question when you start Jedi Challenges. After all, your phone is stuck in the headset and when you receive a call or receive a message you can not respond to it. In addition, the application also consumes more battery than your phone would do under normal circumstances, so a power bank is not a luxury!

I would therefore recommend to leave a phone especially for Jedi Challenges in the glasses - provided you have it somewhere - but somewhere it is too bad that after a purchase of € 299, - (the original recommended price) you still have your own smartphone need where you can do nothing else while playing. The price reduction to € 199 - makes things good, although the European pricing on the day of release was pretty high since Jedi Challenges in the United Kingdom (199 GBP) and the United States (199 USD) already much cheaper than in Europe.

Ramon tries Jedi Challenges for the first time at Lenovo.


It is cool to experience for the first time what it is like to hold a lightsaber in your hand. One with which you can 'precipitate' with deadly precision hordes of battle droids, Stormtroopers and other enemies. In the game you can find different locations, various planets from the Star Wars universe. From the three game modes I spent most of the time in the lightsaber fight. Although fighting against another group of droids is starting to become monotonous after a while. it remains cool to start the fight with characters such as Darth Maul and Darth Vader. You can make limited use of Force Powers while fighting (press a button on your lightsaber when a prompt appears on the screen), but for most of the time you are beating and parrying. This can be pretty intensive sessions, because the difficulty level also increases slowly. It's nice that the headset provides enough breathing space for your head, so you hopefully do not sweat too soon.

Technically it all looks nice, but not everything runs smoothly. The tracking of the lightsaber sometimes has a tendency to deviate, so you suddenly have to center your lightsaber during a fight (this can be done with the simple push of a button). Nevertheless, annoying when you are about to give your enemy a fatal blow. The defending is done on the basis of stripes that appear on your screen and indicate where you have to block. In the beginning you can still follow this, with only a single line on your screen, but after a while several stripes appear and you have to estimate on the basis of the movements of your opponent which line predicts his next attack.

The tower defense game, called Strategic Combat, is a mode in which you place troops and buildings such as turrets on the battlefield from above to help the Rebels win the battle against the Imperials. Every now and then famous heroes can come to help you, such as when you get the opportunity to place a Jedi and this suddenly turns out to be no less than Obi-Wan Kenobi. While all of this happens, you can walk around your room to view the map better from all sides. It works, it's funny for a few times, but the game mode is too limited to occupy yourself for a long time. The same also applies to Holochess.

Extra content

In January, Lenovo released a patch for the Jedi Challenges application to make content out The Last Jedi is added to the game. Since the lack of content is one of the weaker points of this product, this is a welcome addition. For example, the expansion offers the opportunity for the first time to fight against two opponents at the same time: two Praetorian guards from the Throne Room was from Supreme Leader Snoke. In addition, you can now play Strategic Combat on the planet Crait, you come Execution Stormtroopers against in levels and if you do it right you will even encounter Porgs!

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Battlefront II campaign review




7.4 Score
Battlefront IIGametitel
17-11-2017Game release date
Feels like Star Wars.
Looks like Star Wars.
Sounds like Star Wars.
Intelligence enemies.
A number of negatives prevent Battlefront II from being a really great game, but the authentic Star Wars sauce makes it an indispensable experience.

Since the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney in 2012 we have received Star Wars in all shapes and sizes. Films, series, books, comics, and yes ... games. So far, however, this Star Wars renaissance did not give us a cinematic single player game yet. With Battlefront II, however, there is finally a change. In our Battlefront II campaign review you can read whether it has become a valuable addition to the Star Wars universe.

In this story we follow commander Iden Versio, the leader of the storm troopers of Inferno Squad. She and her team members Gideon Hask and Del Meeko try to find their place in an Empire without emperor Palpatine. Along the way they make their way through multiple conflicts and locations, including a few that we have seen before. On these points the game is at its strongest. It is one thing to walk around in the Star Wars universe, but it feels extra impressive to be part of the Battle of Endor. Or to experience first-hand how the war wreaks havoc on Jakku, where Rey thirty years later still eagerly used fragments to survive.

The game does not only refer to the films. The story is easy to follow for everyone, but if you book the Aftermath, Inferno Squador having read Shattered Empire does add an extra dimension to what is happening on your screen.

All iconic locations look great. It is a visual spectacle, and still faithful to the source material as well. Extra compliment for the characters. For the main characters they not only used the voices of their actors, but also the body movements and subtle facial expressions. And all these actors do their best. This really draws people into the story. With plot twists, humor, and action everywhere, Battlefront II feels like returning to your favorite vacation destination.

Lando and Shriv's new character in the game's most humorous mission.

Not everything, however, is the scent of roses and fourth moon of Yavinschijn. Occasionally breakthrough breaks through the carefully constructed layer of immersion. Especially the intelligence of computer-controlled characters leaves something to be desired. Teammates run past opponents without alarm bells. And if the enemy has spotted you, he will more or less sprint to your side like a porg without head. To increase the level of difficulty, it was decided to increase the number of human targets. This does not feel realistic, and - even better - does not fit with Star Wars.

The length of the campaign is also a drawback. In four to five hours you are through it, and the story is quite abruptly cut off. Even during the story, doubtful jumps are made on points where perhaps an extra mission was planned. In the course of time this is remedied with free downloadable contentbut for the moment it is a delicate point.

Iden Versio receives a new mission from her father, Admiral Garrick Versio.

Ultimately, all these plus and minus points together form a whole that can best be described as "short but powerful". Technically, the Battlefront II campaign is a fairly average shooter. But the perfect integration in the Star Wars universe raises the game to a higher level and creates an experience that I personally would not have wanted to miss. However, if the single player is the only one you are interested in, then it might be worth waiting for a discount or the release of extra missions in downloadable content.

Fortunately, there is also the main course, the multiplayer! In order to be able to make a decent judgment about all the possibilities of this game mode, we do this at a later time in a separate review. Check back later, and play with us online now!

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Star Wars Battlefront: Outer Rim DLC Review




7 Score
Outer Rim DLCGametitel
5 April 2016Game release date
Jabba's Palace is great.
New heroes play fine.
Dioxis Grenade.
Greedo and Nien Nunb are not the best choices.
Only maps for small modes.
Little real 'news'.
Outer Rim is a solid expansion that unfortunately does not emphasize the strengths of Battlefront's gameplay. And Greedo, seriously ?!

Before I start the review, I want to apologize for the late appearance of this review. In the words of Darth Vader: "You have failed me for the last time". You = me in this case. The next review will just be online in time!

Star Wars Battlefront approached lightning speed on our PS4s, Xbox Ones and PCs late last year, but eventually not impressed very much. Not me at least. Partly due to the lack of depth, maps, weapons and characters, I played the game little after the launch. The game desperately needed more content. DICE already has already the free Jakku DLC and a handful of other maps released to ease the pain. Outer Rim, on the other hand, is the very first paid expansion. Is this also worth your hard earned pennies?

Star Wars Battlefront: Outer Rim Review

"A wretched hive or scum and villainy."

In Star Wars Battlefront: Outer Rim you get a decent amount of content for 15 euro. You get four new maps; two at a factory on Sullust and two in the caves of Jabba's Palace. A new mode has been added, called Extraction, and you can control the two new Heroes Nien Numb and Greedo. Finally, you also get two new weapons. The Relby V-10, better known as Bossk's rifle, the DT-12 Blaster Pistol and three new Star Cards: Scatter Gun, Dioxis Grenade and Adrenaline Stim. Pretty okay for an extension.

Most of all these new additions I enjoyed from the new maps in Jabba's Palace. Where the Sullust maps feel a bit uninspiring, the maps in the palace of our favorite space lacquer are fantastic. All locations we know from Return of the Jedi are present, plus a number of extra places that we have not seen before. Jabba's throne room, the dungeons and even the Rancor pit are recreated with the unprecedented authenticity that Battlefront is famous for. In fact, I would prefer to just walk around without opponents as a kind of interactive museum. The other maps, on the other hand, are a bit on the boring side. It is more of the same not very interesting Sullust. Maybe that's because Jabba's Palace steals the show.

I'm really sad that Outer Rim does not have maps that support the larger modes like Walker Assault and Supremacy. These are the best modes in Battlefront, which are therefore not completely highlighted here. Extraction is the new mode, a smaller one in which the rebels have to bring an object to a transport and the Imperials have to stop them (similar to Payload from Team Fortress 2). Not a bad addition, but ultimately it remains boring because of the fast boring game play of Battlefront.

Star Wars Battlefront: Outer Rim Review

Greedo ?!

The strangest addition in this expansion is really Greedo and Nien Nunb. These are of course familiar characters from the original trilogy, but if I am very honest I would have preferred a few others under the buttons. Why was Greedo chosen if you could have opted for Bossk, IG-88 or Dengar? It smells like a shameless recycling of the character models of the Rodian and Sullustian who have been present in the game for a long time. I'm not sure if this is the case. However, it is very lazy.

Nevertheless, Greedo and Nien Nunb are fun to play with; though they sometimes feel a bit like staged normal soldiers. Especially Greedo can be devastating with his strong pistol. Still, I kept scratching myself on my head when I was playing with them. I chose them because I had to play them for this review, but I would rather play as Boba Fett or Luke Skywalker. I also guess that you would also do that if the game gives you a choice. It is also still bizarre that Chewbacca is not yet a playable character (or is present somewhere in the game at all).

Finally, I want to talk about the weapons. There are so few weapons present in the basic game that which new addition is welcome. Yet it comes down to me that the two new weapons and Star Cards add very little (or 'expand'). With the exception of the Dioxis Grenade. This grenade produces a poisonous gas cloud that makes campening in modes like Cargo or Extraction a lot harder. For the first time I had the feeling that existing tactics were thrown up with the Dioxis Grenade. More of this kind please!

Star Wars Battlefront: Outer Rim Review

Star Wars Battlefront: Outer Rim DLC Review

The Outer Rim expansion of Star Wars Battlefront is not a bad extension, but to say that it makes me lyrical goes too far. It is a solid package with extra added value for the that hard Star Wars fans because of the addition of Jabba's Palace. Still, I find it very difficult to say that you now have to save to your digital store of choice to download Outer Rim. I did not feel like I was breathing new interest in Battlefront. Maybe for a moment, but for the next DLC (that has to be played on Bespin!) I expect much more.

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